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My site, My TDi, and a bug

Velcomen! This site requires you to have an appreciation for VW's and VW owners (who are the coolest car owners around)

Welcome to my site. Look around, poke fun at the people, laugh at me, but don't mess with my cars!

My Cars

Howdy. Check out my photo page for pics of my cars. The baltic green jetta is mine, the silver jetta next to it is my mom's. Soon to be added, hopefully my rabbit, and my brothers Audi A4.

What's what with my Dubs.

My jetta TDi, has been slightly modded. It has an upsolute chip, ccv vent, 5 BRAKE lights, and a red I

Ok so no scirocco, but hopefully I'll be buying the buggati you see here. Ok, so it's not gonna happen (unless I win the lottery, or some rich unknown uncle leaves his fortune to me)

Washing and Waxing Tips

Yeah this section was something that freeservers put up here as a demo, I say, who needs it! So it's gone.

Talk to me

nothing here............. yet
I said there's nothing here. No more bunny. It was crap. Basically I was screwed. I got most of my money back, and kept the seats and bbs wheels. Things I've learned from this experience? Have professionals or as close as you can drive the car before you buy. Don't buy from sleezeball guys. If you do buy from a scuzbucket, make sure you're getting a great deal. For example, pay less for a crappy car than the guy wants for. Oh well, lifes leason has been learned and I'm a better person for it.

So, how about a poll for what car I should buy next? Send me an email with your thoughts. I'll be looking to buy in a the summer. My thoughts are:
VW Scirocco, VW Golf, Passat (wagon or sedan?), Nissan Maxima, Nissan Altima, Nissan Sentra.

More Pictures

look at the picture page

Another spot to email me